A minimalist version control system for large binary files

Github: https://github.com/akbarnes/dupver

More about Dupver


Bookmarks manager for the Amfora Gemini browser (currently export-only)

Github: https://github.com/akbarnes/abookman


This is a collection of utilies I’ve written while learning Go, some useful, some less so. The handier ones:

  • Print out the current date and time in a format that a legal file or directory name without spaces. This is handy for scripts where I want to create files with the current date/time in the name or to move files to a date/time stamped folder
  • Print out a random string in hex, decimal or alphanumeric. Supports grouping digits with dashes and mixed-case or upper-case characters. This is also helpful for creating unique file/folder names
  • Print out a random text block in hex, decimal or alphanumeric. Supports mixed-case or upper-case characters and a user-specified number of rows and columns
  • Calculate the hash of a file
  • Count down on the command line from a specified number of hours/minutes/seconds
  • Prints out the current weather

Github: https://github.com/akbarnes/goutils


This is a collection of utilities I’ve written for the HP41x/HP42s/Free42 which includes a set of earth resistivity and transmission line parameter calculators.

Github: https://github.com/akbarnes/hp42s

More information about this on my calculators page


A Xojo project for a countdown timer. Although the code is cross-platform, the Widgets are sized to look good on Windows 10, hence the name.

Github: https://github.com/akbarnes/WinTimer